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Listing Guidelines & Rules

Perth Art Classes general conditions of listing guide

Report a listing

Listing on Perth Art Classes involves the lister to register to create their own dashboard and start listing.

Please follow simple rules of listing to make it easy for everyone concerned.

  1. Honest about your abilities to follow through with the service
  2. Have all current licenses /checks which allow you to provide the service
  3. Be clear about what it is you offer. Use simple text, bullet points as viewers get bored if it is long paragraphs. Headings are helpful eg. Available dates:, How much does it cost?
  4. Keep all your information up to date. Email, mobile phone, websites, facebook pages
  5. Photos should be clear and relate to your listing.
  6. No false advertising, no explicit photos, no defaming other businesses allowed.

Perth Art Classes has full rights to bring down a listing if it fails to comply with general conditions of listing. Please follow simple social etiquette.

Scams to watch out for

Report a scam

Like all internet browsing, you may come across some scams in the form of

  • Mobile text/phone calls
  • Emails
  • Mail box
  • Facebook messaging

Perth Art Classes will always do its best to keep scammers out but you must report all strange contacts immediately.

Perth Art Classes takes no responsibility for your interaction with a would-be scammer.

Common Scams

You’ve won the lottery!

An overseas relative has left you their fortune

Brand name spoofing / phishing

Oops, I paid you too much! Cheque overpayment

Payment for brokerage/importing

Fake escrow sites

Make a fortune, work from home

419 scams

Suspicious Email – Phishing attempt

SMS fraud – I received an SMS message asking for PayPal details